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Our directory has been used by hundreds of successful people who have found home employment and home business opportunities successfully, in a matter of hours.

There are hundreds of nationally known companies who are ready to offer a home job or home business opportunity at a moment's notice. The best part is you can do it all from your home living room.

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Hundreds of Home Employment and Home Business Opportunities In One Directory!

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Our directory offers all kinds of home employment and home business opportunities in over 4 different chapters. It's the only directory of it's kind. Chapter 1, companies looking for people to do computer / clerical work, home customer care, freelance writers, graphic artist, photographers, people to do surveys, opinion polls, research, companies offering arts and craft opportunities. Chapter 2 features companies offering opportunities in sales. Chapter 3 companies offering terrific home business opportunities and Chapter 4, companies offering low cost home based franchises. Also, special chapter showing how to get money to start any franchise.

Here is some of the information we provide for each company:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Phone Number
  3. Company Address
  4. Short Company Description
  5. Company Web Address
  6. About The Opportunity

Actual Sample Listing

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Our directory has been used to find hundreds of successful home employment opportunities for our readers, and you could be next. No-risk money back guarantee if you can't find any opportunities after receiving our directory!

eBook Reviews

Being 40 years old and laid off and couldn't find work in a small town, I decided to start a small home business. This directory helped me found the perfect home business. I now have my own business making $400-$500 a week working part time.

Danny McNeil

This directory is the real thing. I found work with a company as as web design and internet marketer. My wife found work in sales selling products at home parties. The income helped my family get on top again.

Jon & JoAnn Sanders

At first, I didn't quite understand how it could help me find a job, but after realizing I would be making phone calls to at least 10 plus companies, I bought this directory and it worked out perfectly in the end. I'm now answering phones for a roof repair company.

Joyce Castle

This is not a home employment scam, this is simply a directory with companies who offer home employment opportunities. Using this directory, I was able to find a job within a week of making phone calls.

Phil Groud

Filling out job applications is always a pain. Using a directory like this to make phone calls and submit my resume worked out great!

John Collett

About The Author

Mr. Edward Spears
Published Author

Edward is an expert on finding home employment opportunities for people around the United States.

He carefully researched and talked with hundreds of companies during the creation of this directory, making sure that every company was in fact looking for home-based employees. Each company mentioned in his directory works directly with Edward on a daily basis and he is confident in the results. Edward's passion of helping people work from home has helped numerous families through tough times and has increased their income drastically during a time of need.

Edward is a resident of South Carolina and has been writing for 20+ years on home employment opportunities for various magazines, newspapers as well as releasing directories to local residents.

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